I definitely believe I can be better than the Brad I was in the playoffs two years ago

No one in the league scored more points Monday night. Not James Harden. Not Chris Paul. Not Kawhi Leonard or Steph Curry. Only two players shot more free throws (Harden, predictably, was one). Only one made more 3-pointers.

The night was a culmination of offseason work focused on ball-handling, past tips from ex-teammates about coming off screens, and the cheap NFL jerseys ideas Grunfeld and Leonsis had in their heads. There were flashes of this before, notably in the playoffs two seasons ago when the wholesale NFL jerseys Wizards swept the Toronto Raptors in the first round. That was an angry version of Beal, one that waved goodbye to surly Toronto point guard Kyle Lowry when Lowry fouled out. In that series, Beal went to the free-throw line 6.3 times per game, more than double his regular season average. Those trips put the next projection on Beal. The model of what could be now had a tangible sample. Could Beal be like that all the time?

“I definitely believe I can be better than the Brad I was in the playoffs two years ago,” Detroit Lions jerseys Beal said before the season. “I’m more mature. I have a higher IQ. The game is starting to slow down even more for me now.”

To be better largely depends on two vital things: Wall and Beal’s often uncooperative body.

The trickle-down effect of Beal’s aches are massive. If he doesn’t have a cheap jerseys fourth recurrence of a lower leg problem last season, do the Wizards make the playoffs for the third consecutive season? Would Wittman still be the coach? Beal missed 27 games. The team missed the playoffs by three games.

“I think the injury bug for us was so devastating early on with Brad missing so many games,” former Wizards forward Jared Dudley said Monday. “The reason why it’s so big, because what he does, you can’t duplicate that. So, you try to substitute — you might try to put [Marcus] Thornton in there, you might try the rookie — but he’s a 20-point scorer in the NBA, gets to the free-throw line and he hits big 3s.”

Last summer, Beal said he started over. He practiced walking properly, landing right and squatting with proper motion. All this to stave off his annual leg problem.

“I think we got it figured out,” Beal said in July.

Wall and Beal have suggested they are the NBA’s best backcourt. That’s incorrect, yet expected, bravado from the duo. This season, responsibilities have been handed over to each more so than at any other time in their four years together. The Wizards are going forward with Wall, Beal and parts. Their maximum contracts represent it. The almost 40 minutes each played Monday night represent it. Their legacies in the District are intertwined.

Each wholesale jerseys verbally patted the other on the back postgame. Beal mentioned that Wall kept calling plays for him. Wall pointed out that Beal was hot.

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Romo will still get his money, in Dallas or elsewhere

Tony Romo didn’t have to do that. He didn’t have to call a news conference to hand his job to Cowboys rookie Dak Prescott.

But on Tuesday, Romo stood behind a podium and pledged his full support of Prescott while recounting his own emotional rollercoaster of the past couple of months. It’s one many players before him have ridden cheap NFL jerseys and many after will involuntary jump on.

“Seasons are fleeting. Games become more precious,” Romo said. “Chances for success diminish. Your potential successor has arrived, injured two years in a row and now in the mid-30s, the press is whispering, everyone has doubts, you’ve spent your career working to get here. Now we have to start all over.

“You almost feel like an outsider. Coaches are sympathetic, but they still have to coach and you’re not there. It’s a dark place. Probably the darkest it’s ever been. You’re sad and down and out and you ask yourself why did this have to happen. It’s in this moment you find out who you really are and what you’re really about.”

Romo, finally cleared to play after his latest back injury, returns to a team that is headed in a new direction without him. Prescott, the kid the Cowboys drafted in the fourth round after failing to trade up and get Paxton Lynch in the first round, has partnered with fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliott to live out the most compelling story of the NFL season so far.

The youth movement has swept through Dallas and carried the Cowboys — America’s Team, apparently, once again — to an Atlanta Falcons jerseys 8-1 record, best in the league. Say what you will about owner Jerry Jones’s track record of personnel decisions, he would be foolish to move away from this formula.

“He’s earned the right to be our quarterback,” Romo said of Prescott. “As hard as that is for me to say, he’s earned that right. He’s guided our team to an 8-1 record, and that’s hard to do. If you think for a second that I don’t want to be out there, then you’ve probably never felt the pure ecstasy of competing and winning. That cheap jerseys hasn’t left me. In fact it may burn more now than ever.”

His contract runs through 2019, and wholesale jerseys he’s due $14 million, $19.5 million and $20.5 million in base salary over the next three years. Jones said parting with Romo next year is “not a consideration,” but the reality is the Cowboys very well could. At a cost.

If Dallas cuts him after the season, he’ll count $19.6 million against the cap. If they release him after June 1, 2017, wholesale NFL jerseys Dallas would split it, with $10.7 million counting against the cap in 2017 and $8.6 million in 2018. But the Cowboys wouldn’t be able to use the credit until June 1, 2017, and not earlier in free agency.

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Strong opponents

For the rivalry’s sake and the prospects for its continuance, a split would’ve been much better. Instead, the reward for Georgetown coach John Thompson III agreeing to renew the intra-DMV clash with Maryland is two losses by a combined five points.

Here’s hoping he isn’t dissuaded from doing his part to make Hoyas-Terrapins an annual affair.

Tuesday’s game perfectly demonstrated one reason Thompson might be averse. Georgetown was the home team, but Maryland’s fans were louder by the end of the game. With a student body twice as large — and an alumni base that’s presumably just as disproportionate — Maryland is unlike typical visitors the Hoyas host in downtown D.C.

While Verizon Center doesn’t become a hostile environment for Georgetown when Maryland is in the building, it’s not much better than wholesale jerseys a neutral site, either. Verizon clearly doesn’t give the Hoyas the kind of home court advatage the Terps’ enjoy when they host their cross-town rivals at Xfinity Center on the College Park campus.

With so many Maryland fans in the building, the Hoyas could’ve been on the road Tuesday as they blew a nine-point lead in the final 2:21. In a real home atmosphere, half the crowd (or more) wouldn’t be cheering wildly if Georgetown melted down wholesale NFL jerseys against an out-of-town, non-conference foe early in the season. But that’s what happened as Maryland cut into the margin and eventually went ahead on Melo Trimble’s free throws with seven seconds remaining.

This is the second consecutive “Maryland at Georgetown” contest that ended with a one-point victory in a Philadelphia Eagles jerseys building the Washington Wizards call home. Granted, the last one was in 1993, when the cheap NFL jerseys Terps won on Duane Simpkins’ last-second shot in overtime at the USAir Arena. But 2016 might have the same effect on JT3’s taste for the rivalry as 1993 had on his father, Big John, who never scheduled Maryland again.

“I loved the arena at the end,” Terps coach Mark Turgeon told reporters Tuesday night. “‘Let’s go Maryland, let’s go Georgetown’ — I thought that was really cool.”

Already hesitant to put the rivalry on par with the annual Crosstown Shootout between Cincinnati and Xavier, schools just three miles apart, Thompson could be less eager now. Especially since it likely costs Georgetown a less-challenging home game.

“I told you, a couple of cheap jerseys weeks ago, that in a perfect world we wouldn’t have this game right here this early in the year,” he told reporters after the 76-75 defeat.

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